Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 46 Sometimes you start with 1 project and end up with another

Well I was all ready yesterday to set out to 'tackle' another of Lisa's kits, that being the counter display box.  I was pretty excited, both because I thought it was just going to be great on my coffee bar and B) after the great conversations I had online after I did a 'review' of the other kit, well I was just excited to share this one, cause my faith in it being wonderful was huge.
So I got my kit all open and ready, and as I've learned in my 'wiser' years, I read through the instructions before I started (this is really so incredibly smart and I wish I could get rid of those urges I always get to just skip the reading and starting the building).  Any way, steps 1 -5 or so are so easy and and my cabinet is looking amazing...and then.....I walk it over to just get a visual of how it's going to look where I want it....and's too wide!  Crap!!!  But while standing there staring and being disappointed my husband saids, that's a great look for a cash register, and then I kinda laughed, because ironically the night before I was researching cash registers online.  Is it strange to anyone that I 'research' cash registers?  Well probably not, but it does sound like a funny thing to admit to.  Anyway, this comment from husband was like a kick in the shorts to the little mouse on the wheel and next thing I know the kit is set aside and I'm cutting balsa wood into pieces designing a cash register, which is completely inspired by the design of the counter display I was working on.  So I get the basic make up of it done and then start pulling out my boxes of finds and jewelry pieces and between Husband and I, this is what we came up with...part steampunk, part vintage looking, part shabby chic maybe ???  I don't know what 'style' it really falls into, I guess in our house we just call it "Sophie Style"

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