Sunday, April 16, 2017

Day 119: WOW were did 2016 go???

Wow, I know time goes by sometimes but over a year??  I actually can explain...We moved...AGAIN!  But this move was different then the last 4, this move is to put down roots and actually have a permanent place to call home!  But once again, this move required everything we own to be put in storage for months while our new home was being built, and then once we moved in, we actually had quite a bit of remodeling to do (Yes you read that correct, we built a new home and then remodeled it immediately) For anyone that has ever worked with a track home builder, they refuse to do much modifying, their options for coverings are limited and extremely expensive!  So we took the build and remodel mode, so from Aug of 2016 for 6 months instead of working on houses in scale form, We were actually working almost full time on a 1:1 scale home for my husband and I.  I won't bore you with tons of before and after pics or explaining all the changes we made, but I will share what some of it looks like now: 
Since this blog is geared toward my miniature hobby, the 1st room I'll share is my studio. 
It has actually changed a bit since this pic was taken a few months ago, but enough is 
the same.  

It's so darn hard to get good pics in some rooms...
space and lighting just work against ya!

This is the loft area

Guest room 

Guest room 

Guest bath

My husband helped me make this table, 
we have built quite a bit of the furniture we have, 
both because I like things to fit the space perfectly 
and because I'm cheap....example the inspiration for this piece
was a piece I found in a catalog, it was much shorter and about $1700,
We built it to fit the space perfectly and it cost us under $300 
(it's the caster wheels that made it that expensive)

The backyard started from husband and I built the backyward
kitchen entirely from design to creation.  My wonderful father in law helped
with the pergola.

O here' is a Before and After I posted on my FB to share with 
friends.  It shows not only the power of paint, but 
not being afraid to go dark....even black!

My entry is close to complete.  I have bench on the
other wall I need to finish, maybe I'll remember to update wth a picture, 
it was made using a headboard.  The table was another custom build, the 
inspiration table was again much short and about $700, we built this
one for under $90. 
The 9' Cross was a random idea I had, it is hard to see but it has many of the names of
Jesus written on it.  It still needs a thorny crown around the top, but it's
close to done.  

I hope you've enjoyed a little tour of our 1:1 scale house.  
If I ever get caught up and super ambitious I'd love to start a blog with all the projects we've
done and continue to do.  Just yesterday I made 9 different things for walls, all $5 and under.
But until then....


  1. I love the interior decor of your new house, Jodi! The colors you've chosen for the walls are classic and cool, and the bits of vintage industrial chic and the cross on the wall make an Amazing collection, wonderfully displayed! :)