Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 50: Patio tables from plumbing finds

Nadine asked me to tell her about the patio tables I made from plumbing department finds, which made me think others may also be interested in them, so here they are:

This may seem strange, but I've always been a HUGE fan of both industrial looking things and very feminine things (I was into Shabby Chic before it was a trend :)  When I sold 1 of my homes (Roughly 2004) one of the comment I got back from someone that previewed it was "very eclectic" which a lot of people will use as a nice way to make an insult in that kind of situation, me, I took it as a compliment :) 

I made candlesticks from plumbing department finds in roughly 1997 :)

Being stuck in a hardware store while my husband daydreams about building a new brew stand is fun for me, I ALWAYS find stuff I can use, (2 weeks ago while visiting the states I found myself in a Home Depot and picked up some mirror rosettes and tried to figure out how to get some metal mesh sheets home without bending them in my suitcase (I left them at the store :( 

SO...I digressed :) 

I made these 2 tables using conduit pipe (I have 3/4" on hand, but you can use smaller).  You will need a piper cutter to cut it, but don't let that scare you, it's a small hand held tool (guessing about $10 to purchase) and it works like a clamp, you put it on the pipe where you want the cut, and then tighten and spin it (tightening as you go).  Then I just added 2 different finds for bases, and for one top I used balsa wood that I covered with a marble scrapbook paper and then added the lacy fabric, the other I used balsa wood covered with fabric and trim around the edge.

You can also find really cool stuff in copper, and it's fun to work with (Example, the base for my coffee maker in Sophie's...another 1st for me :)  I admit to having my husband help me drill the 3 holes the bullets went into though, as it required some strength and when I can get him to help me with something...I take it :) 

Hope you find this inspiring, I'm interested in any comments, feedback or suggestions you have.

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