Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 49: Sophie's Books & Coffee is DONE!

It's Done...It's Done...It's Done It's Done It's Done!

259 days's Done!

Sophie's Books & Coffee is finished!!!

To find more pictures or it's progress along the way, I invite you to look back through my blog.  This project involved so very many 1st's for me, and I can honestly say after all these 1st's, I now feel more confident  in my skills and talents than I ever have before.
I'm beyond ecstatic over how it all came together.

This was my 1st time building a pergola

This is a view of the loft before I attached the roof.

Landscape planning begins.  I love finding inspiration and planning things out both in my head and on paper, but the real test for me is trial and error....and this part of this project truly was A LOT of trial and error...days of it!  and 1 almost complete tear out.

As you can see from the mess here, this was after some re-construction.

The bakery case!  All of the bakery items were made by me...I'm learning clay :)

The menu is posted on the counter sides.  This project was done TWICE, because the 1st time I stuck it up with some wax to see if I liked it, then when I went to attach it (which I did with Dry Mount tissue and a mono cote iron (Another 1st)), the wax melted and soaked though (da!)

Under the counter supplies.  The brown bag coffee and teas were designed and handmade by can't see because of the size but they say "Sophie's Coffee" (Tea) on them.
Also the silver wear was made from clay, they are not perfect, but more light weight then using real and  with the small amount of visibility it was a cost decision also.

The Patio comes together!

Here is the complete interior.  

This Coffee maker was the inspiration for adding the coffee bar to the book shop, and ironically it was one of the last projects I tackled.  I absolutely love how it turned out though...and like so many other things, there was much trial and error :)

More views of the patio...I'm in love with the patio, can you tell :)

More 1st's...filling coffee and tea cups, making
2 of the patio tables from plumbing department items, 
building some chairs from scratch, 
using kitty litter in landscaping...I'm sure many more :)

Here is the patio with the lights on at night

The 2 last minute (actually last day :) touches which made a huge difference was the addition of the 2 flower boxes and the 2 lights out front. I'm absolutely in love with jewelry department finds and what I can make with them for miniature projects.

I've learned many things from this project, but the 3 biggest things I'm taking away from it are these
(in no particular order :)
If I can imagine it, there is a good chance I can make it
I CAN finish a project
No matter how large the project seems, when you break it down, it's really just a ton of little projects.


  1. I am SO impressed! You did an amazing job! It's very inviting and your list of firsts is impressive. Your list at the end, particularly the last item, is something we can all take to heart.
    Maureen in St. Albert AB

  2. Kim this is so wonderful. I love it. Your attention to details is perfect. Look at all of the bags of coffee for example perfect little detail that makes your shop well perfect!!! Off I go to study it more. You did a wonderful job and cannot wait to see what your next project will be. Thank for sharing
    Judy in Penticton and a camper

  3. It turned out so wonderful! I love the patio too but the interior is very inspiring. What a fun project
    ---Linda from CAMP

  4. Amazing feat of 1st's successfully completed! Well done you and I would love to pop in for a cuppa and a read upstairs. Love the pergola and patio - in fact all of it. Be very proud of yourself xxx

  5. Wow, It turned out just wonderful. It's a very inviting little shop. You mentioned making tables form plumbing supplies. How did you do that? Everything looks great! Nadine from CAMP

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Nadine, I just posted regarding the tables (Day 50) I hope you enjoy it :)

  7. Hi Jodi,

    I found you via Small Stuff and I just want to say that I love your cafe! So much great detail. I really love the patio; I wish I could shrink myself to have a cup of coffee there! :)


  8. Jodi, your project is wonderful! It's all the little details that make the difference. You must be especially thrilled because you made everything yourself - and ended up with a very professional looking shop. Kudos to you.