Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 1.3: 1989ish....from idea to house!

I planned this house on paper, and then built it!  As you can see, it wasn't so fancy, in fact it was meant to be a cabin. It was my 1st attempt at adding an interior room (the bathroom).  I hand laid the wood floor in the huge living space (I recall being so proud of that wood floor :). I was too afraid to tackle stairs, as I had nothing but problems with my only other house that had stairs, so I gave them a ladder to climb to the bedrooms.  Luckily this family never moved into this cabin, could you imagine climbing a ladder with say a baby, or pregnant, just to go to bed.  What was I thinking? O that's right, I was thinking like a teenager :)

I envisioned this being the 'cabin' a large family would come to, and all hang out in the living room together.  Thinking about it now, hanging out in the living room would be the easiest choice....see end of paragraph 1 :)  It never got any farther than this though.

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