Friday, December 8, 2017

Day 123: Santa's Place

Welcome back!

I meant to finish this project a year ago!  I started it Oct 8, 2016 and probably got it 80% complete before Christmas last year, and sat...and sat....and sat...until this past week, when I completed it. 

I created it using the Petite Properties Teacup Cottage kit:

Since I share a lot of pictures with non-miniatures, I love to put small scale projects into prospective, so that is what the Diet Coke can is doing here.

On the main level, Santa has a small kitchen

Entry way

and sitting room.  I imagine it takes a long time to read that naughty and nice list, 
so this room probably stays cozy warm.


Santa's bedroom

 His official work desk..check out all those letters he receives

and a little spot for enjoying a glass of wine or tea 
(depending on what was on the list that day)


  1. This is just super adorable everywhere you look! It's funny how we can lose our inspiration on even the best projects. I guess that's why it's best to strike while the iron is hot. Creating is more essential than vacuuming, after all!

  2. You are Definitely on A Christmas Jelly Roll Jodi! The little Santa house is as sweet as can be and delightfully furnished too, I might add! :D


  3. Awesome and adorable! And you inspire me to finish a project still half done.
    Happy Holidays!

  4. Your Christmas cottage is just lovely, I'm hoping for a Petite Properties gift voucher for my Christmas so roll on Santa !