Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 40...My Husband has taken the leap

I think most of us will agree our husbands have great creative juices running through their veins.  Anytime I'm stuck or need advice or ideas, mine always comes up with great ideas, and thinking "like a guy" most of the time he's able to tell me an easier way to do stuff (cause don't most men look for the simplest, least time consuming way to do just about anything so they can get back to what THEY want to do? :)  Well my husband and I have been thinking and planning his 1st miniature project for about a year and a half, and's still on paper and in our heads, BUT yesterday on a whim he started a completely different (and 1st) miniature project (So basically he's already like me in this hobby).  

As most projects (for me) seem to come about, we were chatting about who knows what, and we were both working on hobby stuff (me, my book shop and coffee bar and him a R/C Airplane he's building from's crazy cool, maybe I should most pics of that!)  I husband's hobby's are magic, beer and airplanes.  So we get talking and O'wait, he was working on a magic trick, he was making a new one, that's right.  Ok, so we are chatting (that part I got right) and I start talking about a new project I want to do (cause having 6 or 7 going is not enough?) and he saids "O'no, your next project has to be the brewery we're doing together" (the one in our heads and on some paper) and I say "No, that's your project, I'm just going to assist and do parts" and then he saids "Ya, you should make a miniature Airplane model store like the one in the magazine" and I'm like that would be easy I'll make the room box you make the planes...then I say something about but it's been done, lets do something else, and somehow we come to a Magic Shop, and then it hits me, I'm like let's do a small like kiosk/shop, cause most of the magic shops are little anyway, and I remember this wood piece I bought at Michaels which I've been hanging on to, and just knew someday I would find something great to do with it.  

Here it is!  In all it's less than glamour. 

So we brainstorm for literally less than 5 minutes on modifications it will need to work, and within a very short time yesterday the following changes were made:

First I took off the doors and window bars (the customers aren't going to jail!)

I do believe it's already looking better :)

Then I filled in the windows (cause this is after all "his" project, so it makes sense that I'm doing this :)

Then when we got to this point we brain stormed again and came up with the idea to have the shop name in the space above, so we decided to take off the top bar across the top.

Just like that, our....Oops, I means "HIS" little project has been started.

He then skim coated the window openings again so as to patch good, and now this morning, literally as I type this, he is on the balcony (cause we are now condo livers) sanding so it can be painted today.

Condo livers...what a funny term....sounds like something my Grandma would want me to try as a kid and even though it could taste good, I would still not try it, even going so far as to tell her I was allergic...which I did once did regarding chicken (when I was a kid :)

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