Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 6! Yippy, I'm on my way to a tradition!

How many days in a row do I have to update my blog before it's a "tradition"?  I'm up to 2!

Well I got some great feedback yesterday, after pushing this thing "public", although I gotta tell ya, Facebook went public last month and that Zuckerberg guy made a massive butt ton of money and got married, my blog went public, and all I got was a bigger butt, from sitting on my couch watching the viewed ticker go from virtually nothing to like 27.  O' well, the fame and money probably come later....hahaha

 Honestly though, I did spend a lot of time yesterday on my tush.  I reworked 7 pages of home decor hanging, as I sized them all wrong the 1st time (I'm very "traditional" when it comes to making mistakes).  Then I made 1 more sheet of about 60 books, this page was all older novels, and I found a great little snap tool on my art program which helped me make them all the same size, and easier to cut, and easier to organize on the page and was just the coolest little trick I've ever learned on a program that I've been using for say 5 or 6 years.  I really should get some new software and take some classes, especially if I'm gonna continue with this book and box obsession. 

After I got the book page printed, I got thinking, I'm kinda behind on cutting, folding and actually "making" books (by about 300+ books, or so :).  Also, after being out of town for a week, I'm behind on watching some tv (I forget that I like some tv shows...cause I'm not a huge TV'er) so I gathered a few things, plucked my behind down on the couch and worked and watched.  The end result for my afternoon was an amazing season opener to Law & Order SVU, a couple new sitcoms, and my book shelf got some books and magazines. 
WOW, I figured out my picture issue! YEAH!. 
I know it's messy, I just kinda shoved them in there all willy nilly because with the room box still being a serious road trip away from home, I figure why spend the time, it's gonna get knocked over and moved a few times before completion.  Anyway, this gives you a little idea on the books I've been ha?

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  1. Hi Jodie,
    I love these little books.
    How do I order the book covers I tried to email you but it said email was not set up
    can you invoice me through Paypal, I would like to buy some,
    Do you have any Bronti sister books.